Team Penning, Sorting, & Gymkhana at it's best in northern NY!

Welcome to the CIMARRON ARENA HORSE CLUB in 2014!

Vistors always welcomed!

Cimarron Arena Horse Club will feature the fast-paced action for the 2014 show season. Horse and rider will certainly show their skills in these events plus some mystery events. Entertainment for the whole family!

The workings are well under way for the 2013 team penning season at Cimarron Arena!

Cathie, Molly, and Leah Butts will be operating the Cowboy Café and we will have plenty of baked goods (banana bread, brownies, apple pie, etc) and fresh items (fruit salad, pickles, pasta salad, quinoa salad, etc). We will also have the greasy favorites (hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, etc) and all the soft ice cream you can eat! Come hungry for breakfast, lunch, and any time between; you will not be disappointed!

As you know, indoor stalls are limited. If you would like an indoor stall for the first show, get here early on Friday! We will do our best to reserve stalls for people traveling long distances but cannot make guarantees.

Travel safe and we can’t wait to see you and your horses the first weekend of May!

Show producer: Rob, Cathy Butts and Family | 420 Mannix Road | Peru, NY 12972 | Phone 518-643-2897
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